Jasper Bookcase Mount - 2 Pack

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An extended version of our Jasper compatible Dovetail Mount, designed to fit within popular board game storage shelving.  Our Bookcase Mounts are designed to give you another option to store your tables accessories, and work with the following products:

  • Jasper Modular Board Game Shelves
  • Ikea Kallax Series
  • Better Homes & Gardens Storage Cubes

If you have a storage solution for your board games not listed above, reach out to us with an email and we’ll help check compatibility with your setup, or customize a solution for you!

Our Bookcase Mount includes mounting hardware, and has built-in alignment tabs for easy installation in even hard to reach areas.  These are 3D printed in-house and available in 20 colors, and two mount sizes.

The Bookcase Mount fits the following products:

  • Up to two Jasper Cup Holders (with or without a Dice Tray installed)
  • Up to two up to two Jasper Wine Glass Holders
  • One Jasper Side Shelf
  • Up to two Jasper Card Holders - requires one Vertical Storage Adapter per Card Holder
  • Up to three Meeple of Holding
  • Or a combination of these!

Note that Jasper tables have been shipped with two different sized dovetail mounts.  We support both sizes, and encourage you to read our Sizing Guide to help make sure we make you the correct sized mounts, and email us if you have any questions.