Jasper Dice Tray - Kickstarter Edition

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Note: This is the Kickstarter edition of our Dice Tray that we launched in 2020.  Please click here for our latest Dice Trays.  If you pledged for any Dice Trays in our Kickstarter campaign, or ordered a Dice Tray from the website before August 2021, these will match.

Originally launched in our Kickstarter campaign hereThese are now shipping with our standard lead time of 1 - 2 weeks.

Jasper Dice Tray, compatible with the Jasper Cup Holder from BoardGameTables.com.  Add a storage compartment large enough for a standard 7-dice set to your cup holder.  Includes a pencil holder along the back of the Dice Tray.  These lock into your Dice Tray, as shown in our installation guide.

Every Dice Tray includes a pack of installation tabs.  These are 3D printed in-house and available in 14 colors and 9 different configurations, as seen in our Visual Guide of all Dice Tray Configurations.