Topper Storage Assembly

Shown below are some components of the 3 Topper Section kit.  Your kit may have more dividers, additional components, and a longer Storage Base, but the assembly instructions are the same.

Always start assembly from the front (curved) edge of the base.

Topper Parts Layout

Install 1 washer on each of the stainless steel screws that came with your storage system:

Screws with Washers

Start by inserting 1 screw into each rail, from the bottom of the base (non-slip feet facing you):

Screws one in each rail

Screw in your first component all the way forward.  If you have additional items besides the topper section dividers, start with them in the order Mat Rack -> Flats Rack -> Dividers.  Shown below is installation of a divider.  Ensure the slopped edge of the divider faces the front of the base.  Do not over-tighten the hardware, just snug enough to stay in place:

Secure Divider 1

Install a second set of hardware into the rails:

Divider 2 Hardware

If you're storing a Jasper Table Topper, you can use the included assembly tool as your spacing template as well between dividers, sliding the tool and the next divider all the way forward, and again tighten the hardware:

Divider 2 Spacing

Repeat for your next divider:

Divider 3

And again for the next:

Divider 4

If you have a 3 section system, thats it! All done.  If you have additional sections, install those dividers following the same procedure:

Assembly Done!

Optionally, you can affix the included felt pads in your kit between each set of dividers, as shown below, for additional protection for the edge of your table topper:

Optional Felt