Jasper Under Table Mount Installation

Read on to learn how to install our Under Table Storage Mounts onto your Jasper, Jasper Classic, Jasper Long, or Jasper Regular Gaming Table. (Note: The Under Table Storage Mounts do not fit onto the Duchess table)


Links to our guides on installing your Dice Trays Or your Cup Holder/Side Shelf Mounts


How to Install your Under Table Storage Mounts

There are a few things to know before you begin installation of your mounts onto your table.

  • Hardware and an alignment tool are included with your mount(s)
  • A #2 Phillips screw driver can be used for installation (though a cordless drill will make installation a little easier under your table)
  • You’ll also need a marker and something to measure with, and of course your safety glasses, as you’ll be working under the table for this one
  • If you're installing onto a Jasper Gaming Table, pre-drilling holes for the mounting hardware is unnecessary
  • Perform a quick fit check before installing your mounts - some Jasper accessories have a small burr in their dovetail groove from manufacturing, which may need to be sanded down
  • After installation is completed, you may recycle your Alignment tool, if desired

Under Table Storage Mount Installation Procedure

Here is the hardware that will be included with your Under Table Storage Mount.  4 screws per mount, and 1 Alignment tool per order (Alignment tool may not match the color of your mounts).

Wear your safety glasses - safety first - cordless drill optional

Start by measuring and marking where your mounts will go on your tables cross supports.  You have two options:

  • 10.5 inches / 265 mm of spacing will give you an even gap on both sides of your mounts, but will not fit a Side Shelf underneath the table, or
  • 12 inches / 305 mm of spacing to enable a Side Shelf to be stored (but only to be removed on the side with the larger gap, as the gap on the other side of your table will now be smaller)

Either of these spacings allow Cup Holders/Wine Holders to be removed from either side of the table.

Your first mount should be installed with the connector socket side aligned with the mark you just made at either 10.5” or 12”, as shown below.

Shown aligned to 10.5” mark.

Throughout installation you’ll use your alignment tool to position the mount on your tables cross supports.  The tool will help to center the mount, and install it parallel to the cross support.

Alignment tool, aligning a mount at the 12” mark for use with Side Shelfs

Now you can begin installing the screws into your mount, starting with the side closest to your mark.  Right now we’re only going to install one row of hardware, to check the fit before we put all the screws in.

Install one screw, we’ll be starting with the bottom row in this example

Then install the second screw on that same rail, continue to use the alignment tool to keep the mount centered.

Second Screw Installed

Now we can use the connector plug side (shown on the left in this example) and our alignment tool to line another under table mount (if installing two onto the same cross support of your table).

The mounts should align well with each other

Install the first two screws on your second mount, in the same manner you installed the two into the first mount.

Now you should check the alignment of the pair of mounts.  If you have a Side Shelf, use that (it's wider so it's pickier about alignment), otherwise use a Cup Holder.  The fit should be similar to that of your tables mounts.  Note: Do not load the side of your mount without hardware at this stage.

Checking the alignment with a Side Shelf

Now you can go through and install the remaining screws on the other side of the mount, while using the alignment tool.

Make sure you do a fit check on the other rail as well while you’re down there.

And you’re done!  Time to load up the mount and move onto your next set, if you got a four pack.