Flamecraft Shop Organizer - Pack of 12

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Keep your town and its shops tidy with our 12-Pack of Shop Organizers for Flamecraft!

Designed to fit the Shop Card, 3 Artisan Dragon Cards, and up to 4* Enchantment Cards.  Includes clearance to easily swap Artisan Dragons Cards when using Potion Dragons, and easily tuck Enchantment Cards under the Shop Card from across the table.

The 12 Shop Organizers fit inside the Deluxe Edition box, with a small lid-lift (see product photos).  Standard Edition box fitment TBD. (If you have the Retail/Standard Edition - let us know!)

Printed in-house from premium, durable PETG, available in 16 colors and mixed color pack options.  If you have a 3D printer, we also have an STL files pack available.

Available Options:

  • 12-Pack in a single color
  • 2 each of the 6 shop colors
    • 2 Red
    • 2 Blue
    • 2 Green
    • 2 Teal
    • 2 Purple
    • 2 Yellow
  • 1 each of the 6 shop colors, plus 6 matching
    • Please specify what color you’d like the 6 additional organizer trays in the shopping cart comments
  • STL Files for personal use
    • Includes 3 variations of the Shop Organizer
      • Less material usage version
      • Solid fill (as shown in all product photos)
      • Thicker version for printing out of rigid materials (ABS, PLA, etc)
    • See our About STL Files page for more details

Our Flamecraft Shop Organizers are a third party accessory.  All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their original owners.

*Flamecraft only permits a Shop to be Enchanted 3 times, but expansions do happen, so we designed the Shop Organizer to fit 4, just in case!