Jasper Card Holder, 3 Tier, Three Component Trays

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Bring stadium seatings for your cards to your Jasper with our custom designed card holder, compatible with all models of the Jasper Table from BoardGameTables.com.  

All 8 configurations of the Jasper Card Holder feature

  • Wrap-around Dovetail Mount in matching color
  • Full 360-degree swiveling with custom cushioned-rubber damper
  • Gentle 275mm (~11”) radius to support most card sizes
  • Soft felt furniture pads between the Mount and your tables armrest
  • No visible hardware

This configuration of our Jasper Card Holder features 3 Tiers for your cards, and three component storage trays.

These are 3D printed in-house out of durable ABS and are available in 20 colors and 8 different configurations, as seen in our Visual Guide of all Card Holder Configurations.

Customizations available on request (extended lead times may apply)

  • Mix and match color mount (ie: Purple Card Holder with Black Mount)
  • Additional color options
  • Custom component tray layouts
  • Additional card tiers
  • Other ideas?  Just ask and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Note that Jasper tables have been shipped with two different sized dovetail mounts.  We support both sizes, and encourage you to read our Sizing Guide to help make sure we make you the correct sized mounts, and email us if you have any questions.